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Traveling for a long period out of a backpack is certainly going to be a challenge. I’ve hiked and camped and traveled for a few weeks from one before, but I always had a home to return to with all sorts of comforts.

My initial thoughts are to travel in my Osprey Stratos 36. This is a new pack for me, I have only used on an 8 day hike throughout Norway’s beautiful Jotunheimen National Park this summer, but I liked it’s mini-frame and top- and side-loading, while I missed having an external pocket like in my Osprey Talon 33.

It’s pretty crazy to think I can travel long term in 36 liters, but I know that I always stuff a pack full and so the bigger the pack, the heavier it will be with more things I just don’t really use. I always have a Deuter 40+10 pack, another downside being it won’t typically meet carry-on requirements.

I’ll plan to bring:

  1. clothes: Lots of lightweight wool clothing, mostly Icebreaker brand, t-shirts, underwear, socks, long underwear, lightweight zip jacket. Lightweight synthetic travel pants and jeans. Synthetic running shorts and shirt. Medium weight mountain jacket, wool sweater, synthetic vest. Hat and gloves. Hiking shoes, running shoes?
  2. sundries: travel towel, toiletries, basic first aid kit.
  3. electronics: MacBook Pro, iPhone, Kindle, GPS watch, Fitbit. Plug adapters. Solar backup battery. I like my gadgets.
  4. food: water bottle, room for snacks.
  5. etc.: clothespins, elastic ties, room for souvenirs.

What am I missing?


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