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I knew I needed to get some sort of trip insurance for the health emergency coverage, but I didn’t really know where to start. Reading up on Nomadic Matt’s website about Travel Insurance, I found World Nomads which both he and Lonely Planet seem to recommend. I also checked his other recommendation insuremytrip which is a comparison service. (Both of which he collects money from when users click and buy insurance from his site.)

World Nomads seemed to be significantly cheaper than other options from insuremytrip with similar (“comprehensive”) coverage.

Looking further, I found World Nomads pricing to be a bit counterintuitive as a period shorter than a year can be cheaper.

I started out just pricing a one year trip, which resulted in a quote of $1333 for the Explorer insurance covering extra activities, slightly better trip cancellation/interruption, and rental car collision damage over their normal plan, for a resident of the United States. Before I purchased, I started playing with other time periods, thinking perhaps I shouldn’t invest in a whole year of insurance when I might get sick of traveling. I found that the price per day was actually lower when buying less than a year of coverage, and the sweet spot was around 5-6 months. Good to know!

Length Price Price Per Day
1 week $72 $10.29
1 month $161 $5.37
2 months $243 $4.05
3 months $295 $3.28
4 months $338 $2.82
5 months $402 $2.68
6 months $483 $2.68
7 months $637 $3.03
8 months $812 $3.38
1 year $1,333 $3.65

I searched around for discount or promo codes as well, and while they do exist, I couldn’t figure out how to enter them on the site. It turns out United States residents cannot use them.

Travel insurance, check!

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