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I spent some time over the holiday break planning my Itinerary and researching early countries like Turkey, India, China, and many countries in Southeast Asia.

I love my Kindle, but I’ve found over the years that I don’t really like electronic travel books – it’s too hard to flip to the section you want for a given city or region, or on the go the page you want about restaurants, hotel, or the sight you’re at. I think it’s a good opportunity to re-think an industry with apps (or at least have better table of contents for the electronic copies), but anyways…

While I don’t love them, saving the burden of carrying tons of paper around seems like a good plan. I looked around hoping that someone offered a subscription service, but Lonely Planet and Rough Guides don’t (nor does Rick Steves, but he tends to be European focused which isn’t a good fit for my trip). It turns out that Amazon Kindle Unlimited has many Lonely Planet books included in the $10/month charge! (It also turns out you can only have 10 free Unlimited books at a time checked out to your Kindle devices.)

I did still use physical books from the library and book store, and bought copies of Lonely Planet India and Southeast Asia for the actual trip. But my plan is to research ahead of time with electronic copies, Wikitravel, and potentially not always have a physical copy at all – first put to the test in Turkey in March.

We’ll see how it all works out.

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