What About After?


When I tell people I am doing this crazy trip, many folks ask: “What about after, what will you do? Are you coming back to Norway?”.

I don’t really know… I plan to travel for about a year, but that could turn into just a couple months, or longer, depending on how I like it and my budget. So much could happen and change along the way.

In my mind, I end up in San Francisco to find a job. After living in places like Madison, Wisconsin and Oslo with very limited tech industry job options, and Seattle with a handful but not much of a startup culture, it seems appealing to try a place like San Francisco with (what I perceive as) a lot of opportunities.

But you never know, I might end up an airbnb landlord in Thailand. Or running a burrito shop in Myanmar. Or maybe I’ll start something along the way, like TollSjekk importkalkulator, my friend’s site that helps those of us in Norway understand import tax limits and fees associated with shipping into Norway from other countries. Or maybe I’ll want to return to Oslo which I do love, and find something else to do!

Who knows?

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