Budget Trips and Michelin Stars (Dinner at Maaemo)


Ever since reading about Maaemo (and seeing the pictures) at Nordic Nibbler, I’ve wanted to go. When my friend Laura left Norway, we talked about going… but now in celebration of being unemployed, I went last week with friends Robin, Josh, and Georges and spent 4600 nok (about $550 or 11 days of my trip… but I didn’t count it against me ;).

It was worth it! I had never been to such a fancy schmancy place. They took us up to the kitchen for a look at where the magic happens and I think there were 12 cooks for about 12 customers. :)

My favorite courses:

  1. Oyster emulsion with mussel and dill broth: just really, really tasty.
  2. Dried beets in birch sap: the wine pairing, which I initially didn’t like, became great with this!
  3. Cured duck or the frozen (and in powder form) blue cheese: super interesting!

My least favorite:

  • Salted sheep ribs (“Pinnekjøtt”): too much work for something that tasted almost like what I make at home (I am not a connoisseur obviously).

Check out the food and menu below!


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