Escaping Oslo


On March 23rd, I finally managed to escape Oslo. As much as I was excited about beginning this trip, it was harder than I expected.

Since quitting in mid-February, I came to enjoy sleeping in… to noon, perhaps two. I liked getting dinners with friends (I didn’t like getting food poisoning, however). I liked partying on Tuesday nights. I liked strolling in the sunny days. I liked relaxing for a bit after being engaged at work until the end.

One thing I didn’t like was getting rid of all my stuff. It took an amount of work I wasn’t willing to do to sell it on Finn, so in the end I gave most of it away. Free stuff on Finn is simply a feeding frenzy. It took four days to give away all my furniture and possessions, and I think I could have done it in just a couple days had I tried.

My second attempt to leave was March 22nd, after intentionally blowing off a flight March 3rd to Antalya. That’s when Oslo really sunk its claws into me and tried to keep me at home.

I managed to sleep through my flight on the 22nd from partying too much on my 3rd (or 4th?) “last Saturday in Oslo”. Great. For 2,000 kroner I booked a flight on the 23rd, determined not to miss it.

So on the 23rd, I set out around 7am for a 9:30am flight on the 23rd. And my tram doors break down at Tinghuset, taking another tram driver to get invovled to solve. And the Flytoget airport train was standing room only and jam packed, which I had never seen before. And the security line at the airport was the longest I’d ever seen. I’m half surprised we didn’t have a mechanical issue with the plane.

But in the end I prevailed and cut the cord. John 1, Oslo 0.

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