Travel Insurance


I knew I needed to get some sort of trip insurance for the health emergency coverage, but I didn’t really know where to start. Reading up on Nomadic Matt’s website about Travel Insurance, I found World Nomads which both he and Lonely Planet seem to recommend. I also checked his other recommendation insuremytrip which is a comparison […]

My Pack


Traveling for a long period out of a backpack is certainly going to be a challenge. I’ve hiked and camped and traveled for a few weeks from one before, but I always had a home to return to with all sorts of comforts. My initial thoughts are to travel in my Osprey Stratos 36. This is […]

My Finances


I’ve wanted to take a long trip for quite a while, but I never felt like I could afford it… or returning from it if I couldn’t find a job immediately. A few things changed recently, though: Most importantly, after not paying much attention to my US accounts for a while, I checked things out and […]



I may be suffering from a bit of an early-mid-life crisis. At 32 years old, I am quitting my job and selling almost everything I own just to live from a backpack and bum around the world for a while… until I get sick of it. There’s lots of things to do so that I’m […]

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