Escaping Oslo


On March 23rd, I finally managed to escape Oslo. As much as I was excited about beginning this trip, it was harder than I expected. Since quitting in mid-February, I came to enjoy sleeping in… to noon, perhaps two. I liked getting dinners with friends (I didn’t like getting food poisoning, however). I liked partying on […]

Goodbye Microsoft, Hello World!

the end for now

Wednesday was my last day working at Microsoft. I left after a three month notice period (a bit long for this American!) but still being relatively engaged, and working on a few things I would have liked to see finish… especially as I now hear rumors about lessons I may have been able to learn. While I woke up […]

Travel Immunizations

needles and pills

Traveling to Asia comes with some health considerations for an American living in Norway. Over the Christmas holiday, I went to a U.S. company called Passport Health, as well as used the Norwegian and United Kingdom websites to check their recommendations. I found the Norwegian site to be an easy to use summary for regions, while […]

What About After?

the future next exit

When I tell people I am doing this crazy trip, many folks ask: “What about after, what will you do? Are you coming back to Norway?”. I don’t really know… I plan to travel for about a year, but that could turn into just a couple months, or longer, depending on how I like it and […]

Guide Books

guide books

I spent some time over the holiday break planning my Itinerary and researching early countries like Turkey, India, China, and many countries in Southeast Asia. I love my Kindle, but I’ve found over the years that I don’t really like electronic travel books – it’s too hard to flip to the section you want for a […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


I spent the holidays in Florida this year with my parents and sister’s family, and was able to spend some time planning and updating my itinerary. It looks like I (think) I’ll end up in New Zealand for some of November and December right until Christmas next year, and then spending the actual day in Hawaii […]

A Plan Begins to Form

three passes nepal

Well, there goes the budget! Sort of… but I have the first solid piece of my itinerary! After being highly recommended by my colleague and friend Matt, another colleague and friend Alex and I have booked a three week trek in Nepal! Something called the “Three Passes” trekking through Kongma La, Cho La, and Renjo La. $1550 for […]

Travel Insurance

127 hours

I knew I needed to get some sort of trip insurance for the health emergency coverage, but I didn’t really know where to start. Reading up on Nomadic Matt’s website about Travel Insurance, I found World Nomads which both he and Lonely Planet seem to recommend. I also checked his other recommendation insuremytrip which is a comparison […]

My Pack

osprey stratos 36

Traveling for a long period out of a backpack is certainly going to be a challenge. I’ve hiked and camped and traveled for a few weeks from one before, but I always had a home to return to with all sorts of comforts. My initial thoughts are to travel in my Osprey Stratos 36. This is […]