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I’ve wanted to take a long trip for quite a while, but I never felt like I could afford it… or returning from it if I couldn’t find a job immediately. A few things changed recently, though:

  • Most importantly, after not paying much attention to my US accounts for a while, I checked things out and realized I had more money than expected, thanks to US market performance recently and with Microsoft stock nearly doubling in the last two years.
  • In addition, I came to believe I would be able to find a job somewhere in the world without too many problems.
  • And finally, after living in Norway for three years and not saving for retirement (ahem, perhaps unwise), I accumulated some funny money (Norwegian kroner) I didn’t mind spending.

So I’ll start this trip with about 200,000 kroner available to spend (about $28,000 with a weak kroner right now); I’ll know more once I submit my 2014 taxes and sell anything I can here in Norway. If I can keep to under $50 a day, this means about 18 months of traveling – enough that I probably get sick of it before I run out of money.

Most of my savings are back in the US in my retirement accounts and cash/stock which can support me for some months if I remain unemployed after my trip. I also will have dividend income from these investments as a (minor) income stream.

My parents have also generously offered to provide me a bit of cash monthly, which I hope will offer me the ability to do a few more activities than I would have otherwise. Thanks!

Here’s hoping it will all last!

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