Goodbye Microsoft, Hello World!


Wednesday was my last day working at Microsoft. I left after a three month notice period (a bit long for this American!) but still being relatively engaged, and working on a few things I would have liked to see finish… especially as I now hear rumors about lessons I may have been able to learn.

While I woke up Thursday thinking about problems to solve, that time is over… and I’m definitely ready. Wednesday I walked into work on a beautiful, almost spring morning, thinking about what the weather might be like in Turkey. Until a colleague showed up beside me and brought me back to reality.

I’ve added some 50 contacts to LinkedIn (sorry to those I ignored for years) and moved from Seattle to Oslo on it for good measure. Beyond that and a dinner with friends, I was a lazy lazy person Thursday in my first day as an unemployed person. Hoping that doesn’t become a pattern (until a beach in Thailand).

For now there’s lots to do to wrap up my life in Norway. More reflections on almost eight years at Microsoft to come later… perhaps on Medium.

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